My professors and day 2 are/were ideal!

Wow, today was great! We started talking about the Gastrointestinal Tract (GI)… my professor is incredible. He explained the topic very well.    This is him:
Also, we had a clinical anatomy course today. We reviewed what we will be doing, and the professor (same professor that teaches us anatomy this quarter) asked students around the room clinical questions about various diseases and reviewed some basic anatomy and physiology of the GI. We also spoke about  how the course would function over the quarter. Pretty excited, this class has about 70 students and we all can participate in discussion. We did today, just a little bit…
We then had lecture on technique and adjustments for the Lumbar and Hip. Our professor is great; he spoke for 2 hours and kept the whole class focused the entire time, we are lucky to have him as our professor. This is him,
My last class today was a small group (10-14 students) active learning strategies design. Our professor (the same one that is teaching us anatomy this quarter) sat with us. We were given a portion of a “patients” history and asked to come up with differential diagnostics, and as she gave us more info, we could add more or delete diagnostics…. It felt like we were working with House, trying to diagnose the patient. We will continue the exercise next class.
Overall, day two was a success. 10.5 weeks left. I am going to learn a bunch.
I’ll be in touch,
The Chiropractor Student


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