First Week of Quarter 4 in the Books!

The first week of 4th quarter just ended. This quarter I should be fluent on everything within the anterior abdomen, including every organ (anatomy, physiology, and pathology) including the genitourinary and gastrointestinal system. I should know and understand how to perform physical exams with regards to the organs and their connected systems. I will learn how to set up for an adjustment of the lumbar spine and hips; I will learn when to adjust… and when not to adjust. I will also learn more on microbiology, including, but not limited to bacteria, viruses and their related pathologies and clinical manifestations.
I’m truly enthusiastic about Chiropractic school. They are training us to be a doctor of the body. I am confident that with what I learn in school (and definitely on my own) that I will be able to help a wide scope of people. I made a good decision to become a Doctor of Chiropractic.

This evening there was a speaker who was invited to lecture on his career as a chiropractor. The auditorium was full, my school served dinner prior to. The speakers held everyone’s attention for almost 2 hours. Hard to believe that after tonight’s talk that I was even more inspired to be involved with such a profession. He spoke about the significance of proper nutrition and diets to maintain health and prevent imbalances that lead to other harmful pathologies. He was passionate and confident about the main philosophy of chiropractic and its true clinical outcomes. He seemed very honest, straight forward, and intelligent. I think that’s one several variables that contribute to a successive chiropractor.

Anyway, it’s Friday… I was going to ‘relax’ and watch a movie. However, I am too pumped up to sit around… I am studying the GI, GU, and maybe , Microbiology.

Always True,

The Chiropractor Student


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