Self-Experiment That You Might Find Interesting

The past 5 weeks or so I have conducted a little self experiment:

5 weeks ago I began listening to only classical and Frank Sinatra- type music and have noticed the following changes in emotion and motivational drive to exercise and work out. The results are the following:

Prior to making the musical change I predominantly listened to Rock, Rap, Hip Hop music because I thought it kept me motivated to exercise and be more attentive + aggressive toward daily life, including hard workouts. Since I made the change,my assertiveness( intellectual curiosity) towards life and education has increased immensely. However, my drive to exercise and really get a hard work out has dropped significantly. I attribute this to the emotions/feelings related to rap music/and rock, when compared to mellow classical/ Frank Sinatra- Type music.

This morning, I played rap music /rock music and it made me want to go work out hard. While, there may be several other variables contributing to these emotions and feelings, including but not limited to nutrition, daily schedule, environment, etc. I am asserting that the music plays a more immediate role in behavior compared to most other factors. However, all are important.

Therefore,after blasting rock and rap music this morning, I am pumped to go exercise hard. Then, when I return home, I will switch to classical and Frank Sinatra-type music to induce an increased drive to learn and study.

I’ll let you know,

The Chiropractor Student


2 responses

  1. Deepak Chopra offers a 21-day meditation series every few months.. This was my little experiment last trimester. I definitely noticed a huge difference in how I was sleeping and a decrease in test anxiety despite all the exams and jumble of information in my head. It starts tomorrow and you can sign up here… its a great way to set a positive intention!

  2. I will check it out, thanks.

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