First Year of Chiropractic School Complete!

One year down, two years and 1/4 remains. As I reflect back over the last 12 months/4 quarters of school. I can say that time went by very quickly,  I learned a tremendous amount of information, lost 60lbs, and began to think more like a doctor (of Chiropractic). I am proud  of my decision on attending Chiropractic School… I almost signed up for Pharmacy School… Long story, and i’ll share one day soon.

Being in School and attending outside seminars has benefited me greatly, I have a better understanding of functional nutrition, the various techniques of chiropractic, and associated protocols utilized in patient diagnostics.  Its difficult to explain, but it seems like my perspective and mindset has changed. I am more detailed oriented, more hungry to learn, and more eager to utilize my knowledge to help my neighbors, friends, and family in need. I feel like I am transforming into a detailed oriented Doctor of Chiropractic, ready to analyze (not over analyze) and find the underlying issue and potentially fix it… or point my patient in the necessary direction. I am excited for what the next two years and 1/4 will expose me to, and all that I will learn.

My life has changed for the better since I started school, I dropped weight, became more athletic, my attitude is positive which is all a very exciting process.

I started taking Neurology Courses at the Carrick Institute of Neurology, I have only taken one module thus far, however, it seems promising… I think I learned more in one seminar than I did in one month of Neurology at school. I found it so interesting that I can’t stop learning about it because I understand the significance.

I have been attending FCA seminars and listening to Dr. Vasquez DC ND DO lecture on functional nutrition, which has been a huge influence on my learning as far as the potential of proper/poor diet, supplementation, life style changes, and the positive/negative outcomes that all may bring.

I spent the past year attending clubs during school hours which offered topics such as Motion Palpation club, so I can work on my hand work and palpation techniques. I have attended Gonstead Club, where we practice Gonstread Adjustment Techniques. I have attended Upper Cervical Club, where we learned about some history and technique as it relates to the upper cervical specific adjustment, which is said to be one of the most powerful and specific adjustment any chiropractic professional (with the proper EXTRA training) could utilize.

As far as studying goes, I utilized my studying time to understand the material, rather than memorize for the tests. I found that by studying to understand, and then Google the material studied and view it in alternate forms enabled me to gain a better understanding of concept, which I feel will benefit me and patients in the long run. I performed above average in my courses, and found myself always asking questions in class, and even raising my hand to argue a few points.

I enjoyed this fist year of Chiropractic School and am looking forward to the next. 

So, break started today, my last final ended at 9am. What will I do for the next 11 days??

Well, for today, and Friday, I will relax by the pool, exercise, eat well, and read leisurely in subjects on Functional Nutrition, and Neurology.

On Saturday and Sunday I have Module 2 of Carrick Institute of Neurology.

Then, I will visit Family on Monday through Thursday in Boca Raton, Florida.

Friday I will make my way to Georgia for a Grostic Upper Cervical Seminar/ Module to learn more about this technique. I want to see how I like the technique, and potentially get certified in it to expand my foundation on upper cervical care…because it is said to be a very powerful adjustment.

My goal is learn as much as I can in class, and outside of class. It is important to know all you can so you can help as many as you can. I don’t set limits on myself as far as how much I will learn, I let the limits try to find me… if they can.

Anyway, enough of my 1 year rant, I am going to the pool.

Thank you for following!

Always True,

The Chiropractor Student 


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