5th Quarter thus far…

5th quarter curricula at my school is not as rigorous as 4th… so I have been studying other materials in addition to what is required… which makes this quarter seem a bit more serious.I have been learning more (on my own) on the upper cervical specific technique, specifically Grostic. Also, I am taking monthly modules in Neurology and am learning more practical uses for clinical and functiona

l neurology. I have noticed a difference in my thinking and perspective as far as clinical diagnostic skills… still much to learn of course!Adjusting thus far is going well, each day I adjust someone I get better. Finding the fixation(s) and getting rid of them… however, it is frustrating because I want to take x-rays and do a MORE thorough exam of each student-patient to ensure quality care. This will have to be done in the next quarter(s)… or when I enter the clinic.

Other then that, I have not been posting much on here, because I have been busy with Chiropractic, and school. I am learning How to draw blood from a human, and basic fist aid. Also, everything about the lungs, from normal to abnormal anatomy and physiology. Kind’ve cool.

Module 3 of Carrick Functional Neurology this weekend…I’ll let you know…


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