5th Quarter and the Future!

5th quarter ended 3.5 weeks ago, and oh my goodness. Going into it, I was told that it was one of the most lay back quarters, and that I will have a lot of free time. The truth is, the courses still required much study (obviously), and I did have less busy work…and I did have free time, kind’ve.

Let  me explain, I am not the type to sit back and stare at a blank wall when not obligated to ‘do something’ I used my ‘lay back’  quarter to collect my views on chiropractic and attempted to truly understand what I am interested in. I ‘ve attended a couple weekend modules on upper cervical chiropractic, I have rented and read through a few different upper cervical chiropractic texts, watched videos / listened to audio on chiropractic principles… and I’ve come a long way. So my time was eased up, I had free time. However, my free time was utilized appropriately to study, in more depth what I was truly interested in.

Shortly after the quarter ended, I flew to Israel to visit family, and explore. I was inspired when I went there. There are not many chiropractors… I didn’t see any.  When people there asked what I do, or study back in the USA, I explained to them what Chiropractic was. They wanted it; they asked if I can help them… They asked for my advice. They wanted and needed what I soon will be able to offer them. They were not doubtful of the principle, they embraced it. It made valuable sense to them. They understood medicines harmful consequences and that it should be limited. I have not come across many people in the states like that. I was inspired.

Anyway, the experience was incredible and I am motivated even more so to be the best chiropractor that I can be… because people like your mom, dad, grandmother, sister, brother… all need our help.

Always True,


The Chiropractor Student

p.s. 6th quarter started yesterday. I’ll be in touch.


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