5th Quarter and the Future!

5th quarter ended 3.5 weeks ago, and oh my goodness. Going into it, I was told that it was one of the most lay back quarters, and that I will have a lot of free time. The truth is, the courses still required much study (obviously), and I did have less busy work…and I did have free time, kind’ve.

Let  me explain, I am not the type to sit back and stare at a blank wall when not obligated to ‘do something’ I used my ‘lay back’  quarter to collect my views on chiropractic and attempted to truly understand what I am interested in. I ‘ve attended a couple weekend modules on upper cervical chiropractic, I have rented and read through a few different upper cervical chiropractic texts, watched videos / listened to audio on chiropractic principles… and I’ve come a long way. So my time was eased up, I had free time. However, my free time was utilized appropriately to study, in more depth what I was truly interested in.

Shortly after the quarter ended, I flew to Israel to visit family, and explore. I was inspired when I went there. There are not many chiropractors… I didn’t see any.  When people there asked what I do, or study back in the USA, I explained to them what Chiropractic was. They wanted it; they asked if I can help them… They asked for my advice. They wanted and needed what I soon will be able to offer them. They were not doubtful of the principle, they embraced it. It made valuable sense to them. They understood medicines harmful consequences and that it should be limited. I have not come across many people in the states like that. I was inspired.

Anyway, the experience was incredible and I am motivated even more so to be the best chiropractor that I can be… because people like your mom, dad, grandmother, sister, brother… all need our help.

Always True,


The Chiropractor Student

p.s. 6th quarter started yesterday. I’ll be in touch.


5th Quarter thus far…

5th quarter curricula at my school is not as rigorous as 4th… so I have been studying other materials in addition to what is required… which makes this quarter seem a bit more serious.I have been learning more (on my own) on the upper cervical specific technique, specifically Grostic. Also, I am taking monthly modules in Neurology and am learning more practical uses for clinical and functiona

l neurology. I have noticed a difference in my thinking and perspective as far as clinical diagnostic skills… still much to learn of course!Adjusting thus far is going well, each day I adjust someone I get better. Finding the fixation(s) and getting rid of them… however, it is frustrating because I want to take x-rays and do a MORE thorough exam of each student-patient to ensure quality care. This will have to be done in the next quarter(s)… or when I enter the clinic.

Other then that, I have not been posting much on here, because I have been busy with Chiropractic, and school. I am learning How to draw blood from a human, and basic fist aid. Also, everything about the lungs, from normal to abnormal anatomy and physiology. Kind’ve cool.

Module 3 of Carrick Functional Neurology this weekend…I’ll let you know…


First Year of Chiropractic School Complete!

One year down, two years and 1/4 remains. As I reflect back over the last 12 months/4 quarters of school. I can say that time went by very quickly,  I learned a tremendous amount of information, lost 60lbs, and began to think more like a doctor (of Chiropractic). I am proud  of my decision on attending Chiropractic School… I almost signed up for Pharmacy School… Long story, and i’ll share one day soon.

Being in School and attending outside seminars has benefited me greatly, I have a better understanding of functional nutrition, the various techniques of chiropractic, and associated protocols utilized in patient diagnostics.  Its difficult to explain, but it seems like my perspective and mindset has changed. I am more detailed oriented, more hungry to learn, and more eager to utilize my knowledge to help my neighbors, friends, and family in need. I feel like I am transforming into a detailed oriented Doctor of Chiropractic, ready to analyze (not over analyze) and find the underlying issue and potentially fix it… or point my patient in the necessary direction. I am excited for what the next two years and 1/4 will expose me to, and all that I will learn.

My life has changed for the better since I started school, I dropped weight, became more athletic, my attitude is positive which is all a very exciting process.

I started taking Neurology Courses at the Carrick Institute of Neurology, I have only taken one module thus far, however, it seems promising… I think I learned more in one seminar than I did in one month of Neurology at school. I found it so interesting that I can’t stop learning about it because I understand the significance.

I have been attending FCA seminars and listening to Dr. Vasquez DC ND DO lecture on functional nutrition, which has been a huge influence on my learning as far as the potential of proper/poor diet, supplementation, life style changes, and the positive/negative outcomes that all may bring.

I spent the past year attending clubs during school hours which offered topics such as Motion Palpation club, so I can work on my hand work and palpation techniques. I have attended Gonstead Club, where we practice Gonstread Adjustment Techniques. I have attended Upper Cervical Club, where we learned about some history and technique as it relates to the upper cervical specific adjustment, which is said to be one of the most powerful and specific adjustment any chiropractic professional (with the proper EXTRA training) could utilize.

As far as studying goes, I utilized my studying time to understand the material, rather than memorize for the tests. I found that by studying to understand, and then Google the material studied and view it in alternate forms enabled me to gain a better understanding of concept, which I feel will benefit me and patients in the long run. I performed above average in my courses, and found myself always asking questions in class, and even raising my hand to argue a few points.

I enjoyed this fist year of Chiropractic School and am looking forward to the next. 

So, break started today, my last final ended at 9am. What will I do for the next 11 days??

Well, for today, and Friday, I will relax by the pool, exercise, eat well, and read leisurely in subjects on Functional Nutrition, and Neurology.

On Saturday and Sunday I have Module 2 of Carrick Institute of Neurology.

Then, I will visit Family on Monday through Thursday in Boca Raton, Florida.

Friday I will make my way to Georgia for a Grostic Upper Cervical Seminar/ Module to learn more about this technique. I want to see how I like the technique, and potentially get certified in it to expand my foundation on upper cervical care…because it is said to be a very powerful adjustment.

My goal is learn as much as I can in class, and outside of class. It is important to know all you can so you can help as many as you can. I don’t set limits on myself as far as how much I will learn, I let the limits try to find me… if they can.

Anyway, enough of my 1 year rant, I am going to the pool.

Thank you for following!

Always True,

The Chiropractor Student 

Beautiful Video Clip on Life

Big or Small, We Adjust All.

I’ve been asking undergraduate students and some older adults about why they do not go to the Chiropractor to get adjusted, or regular check ups, the results are as follows:

 They do not understand what Chiropractors do, or the benefits therein. Chiros need to lecture in schools, colleges, work places, etc. I understand some Chiropractors are active in their community, which is much appreciated, however, a large handful are not. So, spread the word, don’t just sit on facebook, posting chiropractic-like memes (most are pretty cool though… ) But, we need to get out there and use our educated voice!

– They can not afford Chiropractic Care. They go on to say $50 is too much per visit, and ‘they want to see me a few times per week.’ Why are there few Chiros out there offering student incentives?? Students can not afford $150 initial exam fees, and if they can’t afford them, they will put it off and not get them. Even worse, students can not afford $40 follow up exams. Don’t allow our students in our community to  neglect Chiropractic care because of the cost! Figure it out, you’re doctors. Also, we can make the argument that if they cared so much about Chiropractic care then they would find the cash to make the extra effort….not if they don’t understand what Chiropractic is….

Doctors of Chiropractic! Are you offering student benefits? Why is it that I am rarely seeing Chiropractors offer discounts to students?

NO Student, or adult should not receive proper Chiropractic care because its too expensive. We are running to other countries to help them chiropractic-ally, on mission trips, etc, which is also important, however, we have our neighbors in our own town who can’t afford it. How can you/we fix this?



If your/our community does not understand Chiropractic, Go give a presentation! Make an appointment with the local high school, college, business place, etc. and talk. Get off Facebook and talk. Don’t leave it up to me or my fellow passionate student Chiros. Take it upon yourself to get up and do it. Our time will come… I promise.

If you do not change this, when I become a Chiropractor, I will.

Believe you me, I will.

The Chiropractor Student

Doctored: Theatrical Release

Chiropractic Explained: Old Video – Same Principles

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I’m Goin’ In!

According to Chiropractic Philosophy; to find the subluxation (not just pain, but subluxation), remove it, and let the body heal itself. I am not finished reading/studying the philosophy, this is what I gathered so far. Personally, at least as of now, I would like to do a thorough history, both Chiropractically, and ‘medically,’  find what is ‘wrong’ document it, and find the subluxation via palpation, x- ray, etc.  Remove it. Now, (according to Philosophy and life) the power that made your body can heal your body, minus interference. So, by removing interference, (assuming you found all of it) the body should heal itself. It may take 1 adjustment, 2 adjustments, or more. That is what Philosophy told me so far.

Nowadays, Palmer College 2012, we are being trained as primary care physicians, I will never turn down an opportunity to learn as much as I can. I want to know what is wrong with the patient inside and out. I also want to witness the power of the body as well as the power of an adjustment. As a Q4 student chances are we have never given such an adjustment. People tell me they don’t have allergies anymore from a certain adjustment, we’ve heard that people can see, walk, talk, and hear again from an adjustment. I’ve also heard that those who get adjusted get sick less frequently. I know I have not been sick since I started Chiropractic School, not many of my classmates have.  We have all been getting adjustments, not all receiving upper cervical specific adjustments, but adjustments. We hear of the potential, but do we really understand?

The upper cervical atlas/axis adjustment is supposed to be one of the most powerful adjustments. Why? Probably because its location is in a vulnerable place, adjacent to your brain stem, where there is  CSF flow, vascular flow, and nerve tissue that can all be inhibited from birth until now, even the slightest to give any which affect to any part of your body, that’s basic clinical neuro-anatomy, go look it up. If we hear these testimonials, then why have we not gotten adjusted by an upper cervical specific chiropractor?  I am no angel, I have not gone either, and MANY have not, why? Well, we are stubborn, and/or  we just don’t understand, until we try, you’re not in it, until you’re in it. You don’t truly understand something unless you have lived it. I am making my first appointment this month. Will you?

My palms sweat too often and sometimes I feel anxious, maybe it will help that. You have your issues I’m sure; maybe it will help that too. And if it does, will your philosophy shift, will your whole perspective of health care and life, shift!? Mine sure as might… It sure as might.  And if it does, believe you me, the WHOLE world will know about it.

http://biology.about.com/od/anatomy/p/Brainstem.htm a nice explanation. If you need a more “credible” source then, here:


and here:




Thanks for reading,

The Chiropractor Student

The Philosophy, Science, and Art behind it all.

I created another page (above) that includes some of the books written on Chiropractic Philosophy, Science, and Art.  These books are intended for Students of Chiropractic and Chiropractors of  today and yesterday.

Read them carefully, read them well, and enjoy.

The Chiropractor Student



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